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Just Say No to Aspartame

Posted by Musashi Tuesday, April 6, 2010 7:21 AM

I came across this new video that is finally moving the aspartame carcinogen link from 'urban legend' status to a clinically researched and PhD supported theater. This long overdue! In addition to being in all those addictive sodas (which I don't drink anyway : ]), aspartame has also been added to a number a sugar free gums claiming to clean your mouth because they have Xylitol in them. Spry gum by Xlear is the only Xylitol gum with an effective amount of Xylitol in it. Not only that Spry gum does NOT contain ANY aspartame. So next time you want to 'keep your dirty mouth clean' reach for the all natural, aspartame-FREE, Spry gum. If you aren't very familiar with Xylitol checkout Xylitol.org.

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Thanks for the video. Aspartame is known to cause illness and toxic reactions in the body. It is very harmful. It is present in artificial sweeteners. You need to reduce the consumption of artificial sweeteners. Aspartame contains Phenylalanine which is one form of amino acids which is quite dangerous. It is better to drink water than these sweet beverages. People consuming aspartame might have the following disorders like multiple sclerosis, dizziness, headaches etc. For more details refer aspartame dangers

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