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Another Picturesque Saturday.

Posted by Musashi Saturday, September 26, 2009 10:12 AM


I write this blog as a means of venting thoughts on politics, rants, the environment, occasional frustrations, cars, and just random stuff. Sit back hold on and prepare to be entertained...Woke up this morning to the sun gently brushing my face through the roman style blinds. I hope the upper pillow ball mounts would come in today, but realistically, I know its not going to happen. As evaluated my list of things to do for the day I could help but recall the anxiety of my open schedule. It made me wonder if the structured and extra productive life is what I needed. If I dont a full agenda how productive or efficient can I really be? After I finished marinating in that evaluation for a lil bit I decided to work on my wife's car for an hour so. Just enough time to figure out whats going on with the cooling system and the remedy for it. Since I already started working on her car I figured I would wash mine after since its been about 2 months since the last was. But hey, its only gets driven maybe three days a month and just sits in the garage the other twenty seven to twenty eight days. As I was getting ready to attach my steering (yes its detachable) I thought, when is the next time that I'm going drive this old thing anyway? After about ten minutes I can to the conclusion that its pretty much put away until the spring time except for the photoshoots from time to time. In all reality, this car wash is going to be the last one til about April.
My ankles still aching from yesterday's soccer excursion with lil brothers and sisters I expertly execute the home car wash thing while the baby plays in her octagon play pen. I wanted to go to the charity car wash today, but the babysitter or lack there of cancelled that plan.