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Posted by Musashi Saturday, November 27, 2010 9:45 PM


I've been busy with cleaning both of our houses to get them listed for sale recently. But am back and better than ever!  To catch ya up to speed, I've stopped doing yoga and rock climbing, its been WAY too counter productive with my weight training regimen. I LOVE to rock climb and I've found yoga to be very relaxing and rejuvenating, but losing muscle mass that I've worked so hard to put on outweighs lean and limber on my blog.

I completed a 20 mile hike through The Narrows in Zion National Park! Its a hike that I've been looking forward to for two years and the views were absolutely stunning! I thought purchasing some waterproof hiking boots from REI would be a great idea since the trail is the river for 99% of the hike. Unfortunately, the river was deeper than the top of my boots and I ended hauling and extra 5lbs. of water on each leg for the duration of the entire hike! Initiating the hike was the most difficult, a two and a half hour van ride to a small ranch where the river is nonchalantly winding through the country side. It took a couple of hours to finally get into The Narrows, but once we did, the views were stunning and the temperatures were slightly lower than what had expected.

My two hiking partners, Miles and Bob, were great company and each of took the responsibility of carry one portion of the tent since we were going to be camping at at a fork in the slot canyon. Too everyones dismay, I happen to forget my portion of the tent (the poles to support it) in the GMC Acadia that we had rented for the excursion. So there we were, apparently in the heat of 'spider mating season' about 12 miles into the hike.    Long story short we completed the hike in 2 days and emerged from the canyon in good spirits and Stunning Photographs! So be sure to check them out.

October and November led me to trade shows in Las Vegas and Seattle. In Vegas I attended the ABC Kids  Show to showcase Xlear's amazing Xylitol products, and also attended Blog World 2010! I stayed in the Hilton by the Las Vegas Convention Center the first half of the trip. Granted, this wasn't the caliber of the Bellagio, the Hilton did have a a decent gym and spa. After the ABC show, and a few fun nights out at Lavo, Tao, and Surrender (my personal favorite) with great company, I relocated to Treasure Island for the Blog World Expo. T.I. seemed to overcharge an arm and a leg for every mediocre amenity which was rather disappointing. #BWE10 was a great! It was a bit overwhelming with the amount of great info, knowledge and content that was presented. Total time in Vegas for this trip was 7 days, which in my opinion is about 5 more days than ANY Las Vegas trip should be.

In Seattle, I had the pleasuring of showcasing more AMAZING Xylitol products for Xlear at the Alive!Expo. Seattle, WA was from what I had expected. Don't get me wrong, home of the hipster and Starbucks was pleasant, busy and exciting. Most of the people I met were friendly, not a lot to say, but friendly. The weather was the stereotypical overcast and slightly rainy all four days I was in town. The Space Needle was impressive, we didn't have enough time available to go to the top though. I managed to get some decent shots of it despite the weather. We did, however, have the pleasure of viewing the gum wall at Pike's Place, dining at Cutter's Bay House, and having a tall mocha at the original Starbucks! Here's a handful of pics too!

Well that's all for now, do you have some memorable experiences in Vegas and/or Seattle? Share them here! And I'll send out some Xyitol products courtesy of Xlear out to ya for the best one. Have a great holiday weekend!